Paradise Tri-Etched Ruby Hummingbird Lantern

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Anti-Ant Moat (Optional):

Nectar Protector (Optional):

SE607 Brush Kit (Optional):

Two In One Brush (Optional):

Port/Bee Brush (Optional):

SE604 Brush (Optional):

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Invite the enchanting hummingbird into your world!

Triple-Etched Hummingbirds and Tiger Lilies circle the bottle!

This stunning ruby red glass hummingbird Paradise lantern feeder is triple etched with an original hand-etched design of flying hummingbirds and tiger lilies that circle all the way around the bottle. The design is sandblasted by hand from original drawings by artisan Gary Schrodt. It has a finely crafted base of brass and lathed redwood, which allows hummingbirds to perch while feeding through the three red copper flowers. The top is lathed redwood.

This gorgeous hummingbird feeder will fill your outdoor habitat with a flash of color and the whimsical activity of feeding hummingbirds. Decorative as well as functional, this truly original glass, wood and metal hummingbird feeder is sure to please as beautiful hummingbirds gracefully dart across your garden.

This would be a wonderful addition to your own backyard, or a great housewarming or other gift for someone special.

Features include:

  • Hummingbird Paradise Lanterns feature an original hand-etched design of flying hummingbirds and tiger lilies that circle all the way around the bottle.
  • Art quality glass, brass and lathe-turned, recycled redwood.
  • Leak free, extremely durable, easy to clean and refill.
  • Three ruby flowers attract hummingbirds.
  • Molded base allows hummingbirds to land.
  • 12" Tall. Holds 14 ounces
  • Made in the USA

Made in the USA                     

Hummingbird Accessories (Available at checkout) 

Hummingbird Lantern Anti-Ant Moat #PBBAA

Anti-Ant Moat

This matching accessory for the Hummingbird Lantern is designed to keep sugar ants from reaching the nectar. A deep grove on the underside is filled with a sticky substance that sugar ants avoid crossing.

Nectar Protector - Clear or Red #SE608

Nectar Protector Clear or Red

This ant deterrent holds 300% more water than other similar nectar protectors. It's clear- Doesn't confuse the Hummers, and you can see when it's empty! Easy to clean concave bowl. Less maintenance as it holds 3 x's more! Strong - holds even the largest feeders! Just fill with water. Choose from Clear or Red.

Best Hummingbird Brush Kit #SE607

Best Hummingbird Brush Kit

The only brush kit that cleans every part of Hummingbird and Oriole Feeders. Includes long curved bottle brush and port brush.

Best Two In One Brush #SE605

Best Two In One Brush

Best Two-In-One Hummingbird & Feeder Brush. A 14 in. double -ended brush with black bristles. Great for hummer and tube feeders!

Best Port and Bee Guard Brush #SE606

Best Port and Bee Guard Brush

Best Port & Bee Guard Brush. The only brush with bristles that are fitted to both clean bee guards and ports!

Best Hummer Brush #SE604

Best Hummer Brush

Best Hummer Bush. 8-1/2 in. long and curved for easy cleaning. Beautiful wooden handle and long-lasting nylon bristles.