Songbird Easy Mix Clear Hummingbird Nectar 48 oz

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Easy Mix Clear Hummingbird Nectar!

Our Easy Mix Nectar quickly and easily mixes in cold or warm water.  Saves you time and trouble!

Each can makes 1-1/4 gallons (144 ounces) of sweet nectar - Just right for filling many feeders!

NO boiling necessary!  Mixes instantly with tap water.  Made with 100% finely ground Sucrose sugar - The sugar that most closely simulates the nectar from flowers. NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial dye or coloring, and NO Preservatives. Each resealable 24 ounce can makes 1-1/4 gallons (144 oz.) of nectar. Includes a free measuring scoop!

Nectar color: Clear

Two 24 oz Resealable Cans/Pack

Save $$ when you purchase a 6/Pack or 12/Pack of Easy Mix Nectar 24 ounce cans!  (Available at checkout)

Made in the USA          Ruby-throated Hummingbird