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The Best Watering Method for Feeder Insects and Hermit Crabs!       

Easy Water. It's just what it sounds like: the easy way to provide feeder insects with fresh, clean water. Crickets and worms need a source of moisture in order to live, but Easy water allows you to avoid the spills, smells, and drowning that occur with water dishes or watering sponges. Made of pure water, Easy Water has no unnecessary additives, just the moisture your feeders need to be the healthiest meal they can be. It's everything your feeders need, and nothing they don't.

Easy to Use
Just offer a few chunks of Easy Water in a shallow dish inside your Cricket Display Case (or other cricket enclosure), or add a few chunks to your bulk worms directly on top of the bedding. All you have to do is keep dropping those chunks in every day or so - no more changing water, cleaning up dead, drowned insects, or worrying about the odor from stagnant water. And just think: if your cricket enclosure doesn't have "that smell," you'll be able to keep the crickets on the sales floor, dramatically increasing your cricket sales! You'll also find that your insects last much longer.

Great for Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs need fresh water, too! Many Hermit Crab owners use Easy water to provide moisture to these fascinating little pets. Stock Easy Water along with your other Hermit Crab items so customers can enjoy this great benefit!

Pure is Best
Easy Water has no additives; it's just pure water. Studies have shown that adding calcium to water products does not gut load insects with sufficient vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy reptiles. In addition, high levels of calcium ingested by crickets may cause them to develop a brittle, hard-to-digest exoskeleton.

Available in 25 oz. and 1 Gallon Concentrate sizes