Live Crickets

Live Crickets

Crickets - Acheta domestica. From Bearded Dragons to Anoles, Tarantulas to Red-Ear Sliders, just about every reptile, amphibian and arachnid enjoys live crickets. Crickets are a good staple for their diets and they're full of natural appeal. Shake a few crickets into it’s habitat and watch your animal hunt, chase and slurp them up.

Our state of the art growing facilities produce healthy, feisty crickets. By the time they arrive at your door, they’ve led a pretty good life- well fed, well cared for and growing up with millions of friends. True, shipping can be stressful for crickets, but we make a strenuous effort to make sure your order arrives alive, come rain or shine (or snow, or freezing temps). You can order our crickets with confidence, knowing that you’ll get quality bugs- we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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