Droll Yankees HummerPlus Brush Set of 2

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Keep your hummingbird and tubular feeders clean!

The Droll Yankees HummerPlus Brush is a 9 in. curved brush especially designed for cleaning rounded hummingbird feeders and other circular crevices.  Also effectively cleans the ports on tubular bird feeders. The soft flexible bristles will clear debris without scratching the plastic. Clean feeders make for happy and healthy birds. Dirty feeders can spread disease but washing them periodically removes any mold or bacteria that could make birds sick. This brush is proudly made in the U.S.A.
* Curved 9" brush design cleans interior curves of hummingbird feeders, or bowl feeders such as the Droll Yankees BTG
* Also effectively cleans the ports on tubular feeders
* Soft flexible bristles will not scratch plastic

9" Long

Set of 2 Brushes

Made in the USA