Droll Yankees Perfect Little Brushes Set of 6

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Clean Hummingbird Feeder Ports and a whole lot more!

Use the Droll Yankees Perfect Little Brushes to keep your hummingbird, tube, and decorative feeders clean and germ-free. Perfect Little Brushes are just the right size to clean hummingbird ports, but they're also the perfect answer to loads of other cleaning quandaries. Here are just a few: Sippee cup spouts, straws, venturi on your gas grill, jewelry, car detailing and furniture refinishing. These small brushes are great multi-taskers and are a necessity for any birding enthusiast. 3.5 in. brushes. 3 per package. Made in the USA!

Set of 6 Brushes

Dimensions: 1" x 3" x 7" (Package)

Made in the USA