Screen Savers for Nature Lovers!

Identify birds by sight and sound on your pc or laptop!

Contains 50 images and calls of birds found throughout the North American continent. Knowing the regions where birds are found and learning to identify them by sight and sound are keys to becoming familiar with different species. This software series provides an enjoyable experience that will benefit birders of all ages.

Made in the USA

Birds of North America Screen Saver includes:

*50 high resolution images
*High quality audio
*Audio clips of actual bird songs
*Education information about each bird species
*Each of the images can be used as wallpaper for your desktop
*Perpetual calendar
*Compatible for both Windows and Macintosh (audio files not available for Mac) 

Birds of North America Screen Saver

Eco-Friendly Products!

Eco-Friendly product! Made from recycled and soy inks.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment, and are continually searching for ways to improve our impact on our planet.

All of our boxes used in the packaging of Songbird Photographic products are made from recycled paper. Many of our products are printed using soy-based inks or water based coatings which are less harmful to the environment. Our products are printed using a variety of paper containing various amounts of pre and post consumer waste as well as being printed on recycled paper.

Eco-Friendly Product!