Reptile Bingo Game

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Bingo fun for the whole family!

Reptile Bingo Game contains 42 calling cards with detailed information about each character, 6 playing boards and chips to mark your spot. Designed for the whole family to enjoy while learning.

Each classic picture bingo game is personally designed by Lucy Hammett. Lucy chooses the most salient, representative images and facts for each game. These are the real deal - no cartoon characters here! A dragonfly looks like a dragonfly, and children love it.

These games set the standard for picture bingo. Each picture card comes complete with an entertaining, scientific description. At Fiddle Creek Farm, we believe that fun and learning go hand in hand.

Our Bingo games are appropriate for ages three to adult. Younger children love the colorful pictures; older children like the challenge of racing to get bingo; and everyone learns something!

Lucy Hammett games are award-winning: three Parents' Choice awards, seven Dr. Toy awards, and three Creative Child Magazine awards. Lucy's Bingo Games are proudly made in the USA!

Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 1"

Proudly Made In The USA!