Rocky Mountain Spring Bird Bath w/Dripper

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Our Most Popular Ground Bird Bath... The birds just love this bath year-round!

This model of the Rocky Mountain Bird Bath includes a dripper, which attaches to your garden hose. The sound of dripping water will attract many birds in summer.

Includes 50' of ¼" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve. Connect to your hose or other water source. (Tip: Hook to a rain barrel, to keep your garden hose always available for watering plants.)

The bath looks like rock, but it's a strong-but-lightweight polymer. It's the same stuff they make football helmets out of, and it's incredibly durable.

This is a beautiful and economical point of focus for your backyard throughout the year.  For a matching waterfall, we suggest the Stonecreek Waterfall Rock


Color: Tan

Dimensions: 24-3/4"L x 17-1/2"W x 4-3/4"H

Made in the USA

Where to Locate your Rocky Mountain Spring Birdbath with Dripper

  • Areas already frequented by birds: often this is near a bird feeder. However, do not position the birdbath too close to the feeder, as seeds and hulls will fall into the bath.
  • Easily viewed from a location where you frequently sit to watch birds, about 20 to 40 ft from your home or porch.
  • To the east or north of your observation point. This will put the sun at your back for afternoon viewing.
  • Near trees and shrubs for cover and under a small tree.
  • Relatively level ground (this makes installation easier).
  • Avoid dense ground cover which can hide a cat.

The bath itself is designed to sit on top of the ground. If the area you selected is exposed to high winds, you may wish to build soil up about an inch around the outside edge of the bath to ensure that wind cannot get under the bath. If the location you select is not level, you will need to remove dirt from the high side and fill in the lower side. When the location is approximately level, set the bath in place and fill with water. Do additional leveling if required. Note that one portion of the bath has a notch slightly deeper than any other portion. This is where excess water should overflow.

Once you are satisfied with the placement and leveling of the bath, connect the tubing to the faucet. You can hide the tubing by opening a slit in the ground with a shovel, and inserting the tubing into the slit, and then pressing the slit closed over the tubing.