Bird Bath Raft

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A unique one of a kind floating bird bath bowl!

Now you can make a floating bird bath out of any container that will hold water. Allowing you the opportunity to enhance your own unique style. Designing an exterior bird bath bowl and placing the Bird Bath Raft gives your backyard birds a place to perch, drink and bathe.

Bird Bath Raft is a unique, one of a kind floating bird bath bowl. The raft is specifically designed with buoyancy. When placed in a reserve of water, the Raft will fill. However, only a shallow amount of water will fill into the Raft making the perfect depth for birds to drink and bathe in.

Also, if your current bird bath bowl is large and deep. Using the Bird Bath Raft in place of rocks or bricks gives birds a larger surface area to use. Durable plastic construction. Easy to clean and UV protected. Proudly made in the USA!

Can be use in heated or non-heated birdbaths!

Dimensions: 14 inches in diameter

Save $$ when you purchase two or more Bird Bath Rafts! Discount given at checkout.

Made in the USA

Does the movement scare the birds?
No. The movement of the raft can be compared to the movement associated with a hanging bird feeder or bird house. Once they realize it is not a threat, birds will return on a regular basis. If the surface area of water is large and excessive movement is a concern, simply secure the dish by anchoring.

How do I clean it?
Simply scrub and rinse the raft each time you clean the exterior bird bath bowl. After refilling your bath with fresh water, simply place the raft back into the water and it will automatically re-fill to the appropriate depth.

How often should I clean my Bird Bath?
Hygiene is one of the most important things to remember for your birds. Because birds drink, defecate and bathe at the bath, frequent cleaning and refilling with fresh water is important.