Conservation Deluxe Post Mount Bluebird Feeder

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Designed to protect Bluebirds and other small songbirds!

Offer fruit or mealworms to your favorite songbirds in the Conservation Deluxe Post-Mount Bluebird Feeder. This unique feeder features wooden sides with a plexiglas front panel. The sides have small entrance holes (1-1/2"), allowing smaller songbirds to access the food inside, but preventing larger birds from entering the unit. The top hinges upward for easy cleaning and refilling, and the plexiglas front panel allows you to watch all the activity. Fill the integrated dish with mealworms, berries, dried fruit, and insects for your bluebirds, or use sunflower seeds to attract different birds. Mount this feeder to a tree or post for easy visibility. Enjoy watching birds dine from this Post-Mount Bluebird Feeder.

Constructed out of quality eastern white pine. NABS (North American Bluebird Society) Approved. Made in the USA!

Bluebird Feeder Dimensions: 8"L x 10"W x 10"H; 1-1/2" diameter entrance hole

Made in the USA