Great Hang-Up Suction Cup Window Hanger Tri Pack

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6/Pack Hangers (Optional):

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The Great Hang-Up Suction Cup Window Hanger!

Finally a hanging hook that actually sticks to your windows!

Holds feeders, chimes, suet, plants, and Hummingbird feeders to your window. See the birds up close as they feed right in front of your eyes. The Great Hang-Up stays secure to your window with two large size suction cups especially designed for outdoor duty. The size and shape of the Great Hang-Up holds the feeders away from the glass yet allow you to enjoy all the beauty of watching your feathered friends up and close.

The Great Hang-Up will hold up to 4 lbs. and is a heat and sun proof hanger made from UV stabilized poly-carbonate. Hang it up or down.

Set of 3 Hangers/Pack

Save $$ when you purchase 6 hangers! (available at checkout)


Window Hanger with Oriolefest Hanging Feeder