Achla Super Hot Compost Starter

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Achla Super Hot compost starter that comes in a set of two 8 lbs bag. This powerful two-part system of energizer and activator, activeates and fills up to 12 cubic feet of material with ease. This Super Hot activator is 100% organic, and conists of a nitrogen blend and hungry micro-organisms. The energizer mix has all the minerals needed for excellent growth and also includes peanut meal. The activator mix contains the micro-organisms, alfalfa, cocoa meal, and other needed ingredients to keep it steady and active. Great for any outdoor use, this pair of compost starter mixes is an excellent purchase to get your garden started and growing quickly.

  • 100% Organic Activator
  • Two-Part System (Energizer and Activator)
  • 8 Lbs Bags Activates up to 12 Cubic Feet
  • Two 8 lb Bags/Twin Pack