Audubon Patriotic Bluebird House 2/Pack

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Attract nesting bluebirds to your yard Patriotic style!

Set of 2 Audubon Patriotic Bluebird Houses!

Audubon Patriotic Bluebird House
- A Celebration of Freedom & Old Glory with Red, White & Blue Stars & Stripes embellish this Patriotic Bluebird House. The 1-1/2" entrance hole is perfectly sized for bluebirds. Decorative embellishments and painting that makes this a delightful backyard bird house or decoration. The Patriotic theme styling may be used outdoors on your deck or patio or indoors as a fun home decoration. This birdhouse is a great gift for any bird and nature lover or collector. Mount about 5-ft high facing an open area. Front door opens for seasonal cleaning. North American Bluebird Society Approved. Attract colorful nesting bluebirds to your yard while showing your love of our country with the Audubon Patriotic Bluebird House!

Mounting: Post or Pole Mount (Vertical or Top Mount using appropriate flange)

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 6.10"W x 12.5"H; 1.5" Entrance Hole

Audubon Patriotic Bluebird House