Do-It-Yourself Bluebird House Craft Kit

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Challenging the minds and imaginations of children!

Easy Assembly - Fun for the entire family!

Allow your child to express her creativity while helping wildlife with the Classic Bluebird House DIY Craft Kit. Bluebirds readily use man-made housing for their nesting sites, and this wooden unit wonderfully meets their roosting needs. The kit contains several precut wood panels, along with hardware and instructions, for building a bluebird house easily. Its frame may be painted for helping spark your child’s interest in the unit, and included stickers aid this as well. An informational pamphlet about bluebirds offers tips on placement of the home, and the unit assembles using only a screwdriver. The 1.5" diameter, front entry hole is perfectly sized for bluebirds, and the overhanging roof protects the nest from the elements. Predrilled holes on the flat back of the home allow you to mount it to a post or wall, and the front panel lifts upward for seasonal nest checks. The thick, wooden construction helps regulate the interior temperature of the home, while forming a truly versatile and wonderful domicile. Foster bluebird populations and a love of birding in your child with the Classic Bluebird House DIY Craft Kit. Assembly required. North American Bluebird Society Approved. Made in the USA!

DIY Bluebird House Craft Kit


* Build your own Bluebird House kit
* Attract gentle bluebirds with a nesting cavity of their own
* Easy to assemble bluebird house comes with stickers & fun facts
* Pole, post or wall mount
* Suitable for children ages 5 and up
* Made in the USA

 7" x 6.25" x 11.75"; 1.5" Diameter entrance hole;  Weight: 2.6 lbs.

Save $$ when you buy 2 or more kits!


 North American Bluebird Society Approved