BirdSong IdentiFlyer Lyric Complete Set

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The Complete Audio Bird Call Dictionary Set For Nature Lovers!

Learning bird songs with the IdentiFlyer Lyric has never been easier!

Everyone can become an expert. Each bird song has Learning Lyrics, words and phrases that help you connect the bird’s picture and name to its song; for example, the Eastern Towhee sounds like “drink your tea”. In the Lyric Mode you hear the bird's name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and then hear its song. Customers can learn 10 bird songs in 10 minutes.

The Lyric Complete Set includes the IdentiFlyer Lyric, 120 birds and 10 frogs on seven 2-sided Super SongCards: YardBirds One, YardBirds Two, Eastern YardBirds, Western YardBirds, SuperCard Sets #2 and #3, and the Lyric Carrying Case (shown below).

The songs can be played in 2 Modes: Song Mode - Useful for identifying songs in the field and to call in birds, and Lyric Mode - makes it easier to learn the songs and test identification skills. An improved speaker plays richer, crystal-clear bird songs; many songs are longer.

The songs are so rich and crystal clear that birds even recognize their songs. It’s fun to call in birds so you can take better pictures; but use ABA guidelines for using bird song recordings. 

The IdentiFlyer Lyric Complete Set includes

•  IdentiFlyer Lyric
•  Seven 2-sided Super SongCards - 120 Birds and 10 Frogs
•  Lyric Carrying Case 
•  Volume Control
•  Play songs in 2 Modes
•  LYRIC MODE – words and phrases that help you remember the song
•  Kick Stand
•  Port for ear bud
•  Includes 3 AAA Batteries

* NOTE - Super SongCards are not compatible with the Classic IdentiFlyer or Singing AlarmClock. 

Includes these additional Super SongCard Sets!

Identiflyer Super SongCards

3 Super SongCard Set Includes 60 Bird Songs

Each Super SongCard is 2 Sided

• Birds of the Forest
• Forest Edge
• Field & Meadow
• Lakes & Rivers
• Marsh & Wetlands 
• Birds of the Night

2 Super SongCard Set Includes 30 Bird Songs and 10 Frog Calls

Each Super SongCard is 2 Sided

• Owls
• Hawks
• Woodpeckers
• Frogs

BirdSong Identiflier Lyric Carrying Case

The IdentiFlyer Lyric Carrying Case makes it easier to bring the IdentiFlyer Lyric with you on bird walks. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, belt loop and velcro closure. Pocket holds up to 8 Super SongCards making it simple to select the one you need. Handy, sturdy, convenient. The perfect addition to complete your IdentiFlyer Lyric System.