Birdie Burrito Food Truck Feeder

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Attract colorful songbirds to your yard in style! 

Our new themed bird feeders add whimsical charm to your yard! Includes a built in wire hanging system, bird safe, lead free paint, and easy to fill and clean. Produced with wood from FSC well-managed forests. This clever platform feeder is designed for small backyard songbirds. The pull down door on the Birdie Burrito Food Truck serves as a platform ledge for birds to feed. Serve up sunflower, sunflower hearts, safflower, cracked corn, peanut chunks, or mixed seed to hungry backyard birds. These make wonderful gifts for backyard bird lovers. Add a touch of whimsy to your bird garden with the Birdie Burrito Food Truck Feeder!

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 9.75"W x 5.75"H