Keep squirrels from climbing up the pole! 

Keep squirrels off of your pole mounted bird feeders with the Audubon Wrap-Around 14" Diameter Squirrel Baffle. This baffle's innovative design allows you to attach it to bird feeder poles after they have been installed rather than before attaching your feeder. This proven, practical baffle protects both your birds and their bird seed. The durable weather-resistant finish of the polyester powder-coating will maintain its subtle matte black color and quality, season after season. This baffle is designed to fit poles with 0.5" to 1.375" outside diameters.

Audubon Wrao-Around Squirrel Baffle Black 18"

Audubon Wrao-Around Squirrel Baffle Black 18"

Post mounted squirrel baffles are most effective when placed 4'-5' from the ground on pole and feeder assemblies that are at least 10' to 12' from any low hanging tree branches or structural overhangs such as deck rails or buildings. Made in the USA!

Dimensions:14" diameter x 5.625"H

Made in the USA