Songbird Nest View Birdhouse w/Window Film

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Watch Birds Nest & Hatch!

Includes Mirrored Window Film!

* Let's you see birds inside but they can't see you!
* Watch birds build their nest, hatch their eggs and feed young
* Watch as baby birds grow and make their first flight

Songbird Nest View Bird House with Mirrored Window Film. Great educational tool for kids or anyone! Watch bird nest activity from inside your home. Clear Plexiglas back panel provides a great view inside. Panel detaches for easy nest cleaning. Made with natural long lasting western red cedar and heavy clear acrylic. Easily attaches to outside of window with two strong suction cups.

Handcrafted 100% in the USA!

Made in the USA

Dimensions: 9"h x 6-1/4"w x 7"d; 1-1/2" entrance hole