Clingers Only Bird Feeder Green

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"For Clingers Only"

Feeds Small Clinging Songbirds Only

A special feeder for Chickadees, Small Woodpeckers, Titmouse, Nuthatches, Goldfinch and other small birds.

Larger Birds like Starlings, Grackles and Pigeons can not use. Difficult for English Sparrows to use!

  • Easy to fill and clean. Locking lid comes completely off to fill and clean. Other small bird feeders have very small openings which makes filing them difficult and cleaning nearly impossible. Filling and cleaning is a "snap" with Clingers Only. No waste and mess when you fill Clingers Only!!
  • Large Capacity - Holds 2-3 times more than other small bird feeders which often run out quickly.  Clingers Only holds "Alot" of seed!
  • Heavy UV resistant "thick" plastic construction-much stronger than other small bird feeders gives you extra years of use and enjoyment.
  • Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Clingers Only Feeder is available in Red #SE7013, Green #SE7012, or Yellow #SE7011.

Clinger's Only Red

Clingers Only "Green" #SE7012

Clinger's Only Yellow

Clingers Only Yellow #SE7011