Dr. JB's 16oz Clean Hummingbird Feeder Red/Yellow

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Extra Petals (Optional):

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All Red with Yellow Flower Petals (Original Blue/Red Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder shown below)

What Hummingbird enthusiasts want...

Hummingbird enthusiasts want high quality feeders that last longer and are easier to clean. The closed-in bases of most popular feeders are difficult to clean and not dishwasher safe. Dr JB's Hummingbird products was founded to build upon the best features of today's popular feeders, but solve their problems - with our NEW dishwasher-safe removable parts and a wide mouth jar that takes the time and mess out of cleaning and filling the feeder.

Dr JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder is dishwasher safe!

  • Unique and longer lasting dishwasher-safe plastic (top shelf only).
  • A removable, leak-proof, two-piece base that allows inside of feeder to be cleaned – an end to the sticky frustration.
  • Easy filling instructions for adding sugar and hot tap water directly to bottle. Swirl. Attach base. Done!
  • Save $$ when you purchase 2 or more given at checkout! 
  • 16oz Clean All Red Feeder is sold with Red flower petals, but you can also order replacement petals (5/Pack) in red, yellow, purple or teal colors. Available at checkout. 

Dr. JB's Replacement Petals

Yellow, Teal, Purple or Red Replacement Petals (Available at checkout)


Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder

Cleaning the Dr. JB Clean Feeder in 3 easy steps...

Note: When using soap to hand wash the feeder or when using a dishwasher, always follow up by rinsing with a mild bleach and water solution before re-filling with sugar and water. Rinse well.

1. Unscrew bottle from base.

Dr JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder - Step 1 Unscrew bottle from base 

2. Lay base upside-down on sturdy, flat surface. Firmly push down on opposite sides of outer (red) rim of base. Inner (teal) part of base will "pop" loose. Do Not apply pressure directly to the outer perch.

Dr. JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder is easy to clean! 

3. Dishwashing:
Place all parts of feeder in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Dr JB's Clean Hummingbird Feeder is dishwasher safe! 

Filling the Dr. JB's Clean Feeder
... Mess-free filling!

Fill with our convenient Easy Mix Hummingbird Nectar (Red or Clear), Ready-To-Use Hummingbird Nectar (Red or Clear), or make your own!

Note: This makes an approximate four-to-one, water-to-sugar nectar solution. There is no need to boil water to make an effective nectar solution for hummingbirds.

1. Unscrew the bottle to remove it from the base

Unscrew feeder from base

2. Pour 1/3 cup of granulated sugar into the bottle.

Pour 1/3 cup of granulated sugar into bottle

3. Add 1-1/2 cups of hot tap water into the bottle.

Add 1-1/2 cups of hot tap water into bottle

4. Swirl solution in circular motion. Mix thoroughly, until milky.

Swirl solution in circular motion until milky

5. Re-attach the base onto the bottle. Screw the base assembly onto the bottle.

Re-attach base onto bottle

6. Take feeder outdoors, turn right-side up. The feeder should not splash or spill at all if you quickly flip it right-side up. It won't even spill or leak when it swings back and forth!

Take feeder outdoors and turn right-side up 

7. Hang from a stable support. 

Hang from a stable support 

Feeder Placement:
Try hanging your feeder at a good distance from any human or animal activity, and about six feet off the ground. Hummingbirds are very shy. They will eventually become accustomed to human activity, but they will be very hesitant to feed regularly at new feeders when there are humans nearby.

Protect your feeder from Ants!

Nectar Protector Junior Red or Clear

Stop ants from reaching your Clean Hummingbird Feeder with our Nectar Protector Junior. Simply place the Nectar Protector between hanger and feeder and fill with water. Ants can't swim! Available at checkout.

Both the Clean Hummingbird Feeder and Nectar Protector Junior are proudly made in the USA!

Made in the USA