Droll Yankees Precious Metals Nyjer Feeder 15"

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Category : Thistle/Nyjer Seed Tubular Bird Feeders


Durable construction with a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage!

Available in Gold (shown above) 

The Droll Yankees Precious Metals 15" Heirloom Nyjer Feeder features an excellent design that will make a wonderful addition to any backyard sanctuary. Birds may rest comfortably at the six individual perches at the thistle seed ports. The clear, UV stabilized polycarbonate feeder tube keeps the seed level visible at all times and is perfect for holding 1 quart of seed. An internal seed baffle design directs seed to the ports so that the feeder empties completely without leaving a dirty residue. Simply slide the die-cast metal cap up the hanger for quick, convenient cleaning and filling. With its durable construction, the Droll Yankees Precious Metals 15" Heirloom Nyjer Feeder will faithfully serve the birds in your wildlife habitat, season after season. This feeder may be hung on the included metal loop hanger or pole mounted using any pole with a 3/4" threaded adapter (not included). Made in the USA. Lifetime Guarantee.


*Durable, no rust Precious Metals finish in Heirloom Gold 
*Stainless Steel bail wire – long lasting and chew-proof
*Snug fitting sliding cap – easy for you to lift but hard for squirrels
*Zinc die cast top, base and ports – to last a lifetime
*UV Stabilized Polycarbonate seed tube
*Won’t yellow with age, dependably durable
*Seed Baffle/Contoured base – keeps seed within reach of birds
*Threaded base – attach A-6T Seed Tray or Omni Seed Tray to catch seed and provide extra room for birds
*Available in Gold or Copper Nyjer or Seed/Mixed Seed versions 
*Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage
*Made in the U.S.A. 

Droll Yankees Precious Metals Nyjer 15" Feeder - Gold or Copper finish

Birds that use this feeder: Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Chickadees, Redpolls, Pine Siskins and more!

Cleaning: Please, for the sake of the birds keep your feeders clean! Wash regularly in a 50/50 solution of hot water and white vinegar, rinse thoroughly and refill when completely dry. Dirty feeders spread disease.

Seed or Feed Options: Nyjer Seed

Capacity: 2 lbs. of seed, 6 Ports

Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 19" (assembled)

Mounting: May be hung or pole mounted

Construction: UV Stabilized Polycarbonate and stainless steel bail wire

Mfg Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage

Made in the USA

Droll Yankees - Made in the USA!