Conservation Window Nest Box Kit

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View birds nesting up close!

Window nest box kits are for birding enthusiasts of all ages!

Assemble this kit with easy-to follow instructions, attach to your window and watch the nesting process from close range. The three suction cups provide for stable mounting. Simply install the house, close the curtains and periodically observe the nest building, egg laying and chick hatching from within your home. Hand crafted in the USA of sustainably grown Eastern White Pine.

Conservation Window Nest Box Kit - Give youngsters and the entire family a fun and accessible introduction to bird watching with the Conservation Window Nest Box Kit. This handy kit gives you and your whole family all the pieces necessary to easily construct a quaint and rustic bird box that you can proudly display on your first floor window. The package includes a pair of side panels with slats to hold a one-way mirror, along with a base piece and front panel featuring a 1.25” diameter entry hole to welcome a variety of festive songbirds. Completing the unit is a downwardly angled roof board, giving ample protection in the domicile against rain and other outdoor elements. The angled base piece leaves enough room for proper drainage in order to keep the nest dry, ensuring your flock enjoys a cozy dwelling, and gaps just under each side of the roof facilitate free air flow and temperature regulation. The durable pine construction will weather to a beautiful gray complexion with repeated use in outdoor elements, lending this kit reliable and lasting quality, and the included hardware packet comes with 4 suction cups to help support the home when it’s ready. Simply screw the suction cups into the back of this handy and charming abode after cleaning the window and giving the suction cups a fresh clean with warm, soapy water. After drying, the suction cups should be very lightly moistened with a tiny amount of kitchen oil, which will not evaporate in the same manner as water or saliva. The brilliant, one-way plexiglass mirror slides easily into included slots on the back panel, allowing you simple setup so the whole family will be able to easily complete installation and watch the antics of various feathered friends from the comfort of your house. Create an educational and fun birding activity right at your window by assembling this Window Nest Box Kit. Assembly required. Made in the USA!

Contents: 5 pre-cut pine panels, 4 suction cups, plexiglass mirror, screws, and nails

Opening: 1.25" dia.

Dimensions: 7"L x 5.5"W x 8.75"H

Mounting: attach suction cups to window

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