Amish Handcrafted Bird Shaped Houses & Feeders

Quality bird shaped birdhouses and bird feeders meticulously handcrafted by expert wood craftsmen!

Bring your favorite birds flocking to your garden with these wonderfully designed wooden birdhouses and bird feeders! Eye-catching and beautiful, these delightful post mount birdhouses and hanging bird feeders in the shape of favorite bird brings joy and birdsong to the garden or porch. Each birdhouse or bird feeders is lovingly handcrafted from solid wood by an Amish woodworker in Pennsylvania, so you can expect years and years of enjoyment from each of these beautiful birds. Built for year-round exposure to the outdoors, every birdhouse and bird feeder is built with quality wood, aluminum hardware, construction-grade exterior screws and sealed with exclusive color exterior-grade paints. 

Bird styles include Bluebird, Blue Jay, Eagle, Cardinal, Goldfinch, Hummingbird, Oriole, Owl, Raven, Robin, Rooster, Seagull, Woodpecker and more. Sit back as feathered friends and garden visitors alike delight these unique, adorable designs. All proudly made in the USA!

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