Wild Woolies Felt Bird Houses

Wild Woolies Felt Handmade Designs - Birdhouses

Are you looking for gift ideas for nature lovers? Then you've come to the right place! View our entire collection of Wild Woolies Felt Birdhouses and Bird Ornaments below! Totally sustainable felt nesting birdhouses and bird ornaments! Made from 100% natural wool. Carefully hand crafted by Fair Trade artisans. Made with renewable and recyclable material. Eco-friendly dyes. Use our Wild Woolie Birdhouses as a functional birdhouse or nesting/roosting pocket outdoors, or as indoor decor. Our Wild Woolie Bird Ornaments are perfect for decorating holiday trees, garlands and wreaths, or use as a fun accent any time of the year. You may also be interested in our selection of Nesting/Roosting Pockets, Edible Bird Seed Wreaths, Seeded Birdhouses and Seed Ornaments, Bird Carvings - Wood Bird Sculptures, Whimsical and Novelty Bird Houses, Bird and Wildlife Ornaments and Brushart Bristle Brush Animals & Ornaments

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