Yellow-throated Warbler - Dendroica dominica

Yellow-throated Warbler

Family: Parulidae, Wood Warblers view all from this family

Description: 5" (13 cm). Gray, unstreaked upperparts, bright yellow throat, white belly, black-and-white facial pattern, heavy black streaks on sides. Sexes alike.

Habitat: Forests of pine, cypress, sycamore, and oak, in both swampy places and dry uplands.

Nesting: 4 purple-spotted greenish eggs in a nest of grass and bark strips lined with hair and feathers, often set in clumps of Spanish moss or among pine needles.

Range: Breeds from Illinois, Ohio, and New Jersey south to Missouri, Texas, Gulf Coast, and northern Florida. Winters from Gulf Coast states southward.

Range Map

Voice: A series of clear ringing notes descending in pitch and increasing in speed, rising abruptly at the end, teeew-teeew-teeew-teeew-tew-tew-twi.

Discussion: This attractive warbler is usually found in live oaks draped with Spanish moss or in longleaf pines. It often creeps over the branches of the trunk like a Black-and-white Warbler. Occasionally it may stray, and even breed, as far north of its usual range as New York and southern New England.