Attracting Birds in Winter

Many people think of creating bird-friendly habitats during the spring and summer. Bird baths, nectar-rich flowers, and misters come to mind when planning bright backyards that act as bird magnets. What can you do to attract birds to your backyard during the winter months? Here are four essential suggestions to increase the number and variety of birds that frequent your yard during the colder months.

  • Suet is essential in the winter. This food is packed with high energy, essential to help keep birds warm. There are different types of suet, some with nuts, fruit, or even suet pellets.  

  • Have a variety of different types of food for birds in appropriate feeders. Of course, offer at least one type of suet but also include feeders of seed, fruit, and peanut butter mixtures.  By offering many types of food, you will attract many more species of birds than if you only had a seed or a suet feeder in your yard.


  • Water is always welcomed by birds. Even when there is snow on the ground, birds need fresh water to drink. If your temperatures drop below freezing at night, consider pouring hot water into the bird bath in the morning to melt the ice. Or if your temperatures remain below freezing during the daytime, consider investing in a bird bath heater. These handy gadgets, come with timers, keep the temperature of the water above freezing, ensuring water to drink at all times.  

  • Offer ways for birds to get out of inclement weather. Sometimes they will need to escape rain, other times it will be snow, drizzle, or just extemely cold temperatures. Thick, dense bushes or trees, such as evergreens, will provide natural shelter for your feathered friends. Build or purchase a nesting box that will protect many birds from extreme winter conditions.  Hanging out Roosting Pockets is another idea for protecting birds during winter months.