Squirrel & Starling Proof Baffled Peanut Feeder

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#YSFFN Pole Adapter (Optional):

#BGFPA Perch Accessory (Optional):

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Provide a safe haven for beautiful songbirds to feed!

Peanut and Sunflower feeder with durable protective cage to keep squirrels and starlings out!

You've seen other "cage-within-a-cage" style feeders, but this one is a cut above! This attractive, solidly built feeder has an all stainless steel inner wire mesh cylinder 2.75" diameter X 9" tall with (.220) openings (approximately 1/4") square. The distance from perimeter barrier guard to the edge of the seed cylinder is 4-1/2". There is a dome at the bottom to direct peanut hearts or sunflower seed to the edge so there is no waste. It is surrounded by sturdy 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" openings to allow small birds in and keep out starlings and squirrels. The top and bottom are formed of galvanized steel sheet, powder coated in an attractive copper tint finish. Comes complete with a hanging cable, or use the optional Post Mount Flange (see below), and an easy to secure clasp. Holds approx. 3 lbs of seed. Made in the USA!

Feed Options: Peanut Hearts, Shelled Peanuts, Sunflower Seed, Sunflower Kernels, Safflower Seed, Cracked Corn, Suet Pellets

Dimensions: 14" diameter, 18" high (Overall); Weight: 7 lbs.

Made in the USA

Optional Pole Mount Adapter!
 Available at checkout.

Pole Mount Adapter for All Barrier Guard Bird Feeders

Optional Pole Mount Adapter (#YSFFN) allows you to attach this feeder to the top of any 1" outside diameter feeder pole. Simply slip the adaper on pole and tighten with thumb screw.  Available at checkout

Optional Perch Accessory! 
Available at checkout

Barrier Guard Feeder Perch Accessory

Optional Perch assembly for Barrier Guard Feeders. Easy assembly and mounting instructions included. CLICK HERE for instructions.