Screen Door Saver Small Butterfly Collection 6/Pak

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Colorful Metallic Screen Door Saver Magnets!

Small Butterfly Magnet Collection Set of 6!

Helps prevent house guests from accidentally walking into your screen door!

Eye-catching metallic style magnets adhere to either side of a screen door. Magnets come as two pieces - place on each side of the screen door for safety. Not only are these great for screen doors, you can decorate your window screens to make it stand out! Liven up your fireplace screens (when not in use), or separate the pair and use them on refrigerators, vehicles, metal mail boxes, filing cabinets, or other metal surface objects. Even use them to cover up a hole on the window or door screen. The list is almost endless on how you can use these colorful, functional magnets! 

The Screen Door Saver Magnets are movable, so get a few designs and change them to suit your mood and application. They are made out of a rubberized flexible magnet material that is weather resistant. Each package holds two identical magnets that have been die cut so the two pieces will fit back to back on either side of the screens. These make great gifts! 

Where to use:

*Screen Doors
*Window Screens
*Single Pane Window Glass
*Metal File Cabinets
*Pool Cage Screens
*Fireplace Screens
*TV Stand Glass Doors
*Metal Mailboxes
*Waste Cans
*Any Metal Object

Dimensions: 3.0" x 3.5"

Set of 6 Assorted Magnets (2 of each color)