Woodlink Coppertop Hanging Wren House

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Category : Decorative Bird Houses
Category : Wren/Chickadee Houses


Offer Wrens a delicate roosting spot in your backyard bird habitat!

This nest box is sized just right for wrens!

This wren house blends elegance and simplicity with its striking details and sturdy cedar construction. A diamond-shaped frame on the top is finished with a flat base, creating a unique silhouette. The roof is covered with copper, and a woodburned etched rendering of a wren in a branch rests on the front of the home. A 1" diameter entrance hole offers space just for wrens, and a small gap at the top of the home keeps it ventilated. The overhang of the roof helps the interior remain dry, while the 0.75" thick cedar keeps the home insulated. With no perch under the access hole, predators will be denied easy access to your wrens. Hang this home using the attached cord, and watch your wrens enjoy the gentle motion. Attract house wrens to your yard with the Woodlink Coppertop Hanging Wren House. Made in the USA.

Dimensions: 7.25"L x 9"W x 7.75"H; entrance hole 1"

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Made in the USA