Woodlink Coppertop Chickadee and Wren House

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Invite chickadees and wrens to roost and frolic in your backyard! 

This nest box is sized just right for small songbirds!

Chickadees and Wrens readily use man made cavities or houses for nesting, and can raise two broods a year. This handcrafted cedar home offers all the birds need for a comfy nest. The 1.125" diameter entrance hole allows passage for small birds, while preventing larger birds from entering. The home does not have a perch, to keep out unwanted birds such as sparrows. A gap at the top of the home underneath the roof helps keep it ventilated, while a small hole in the center of the base allows water to drain from the nest. The 7/8" thick western red cedar construction offers insulation for the birds, and the side panel lifts for easy cleaning and nest checks. The copper covered roof brings a bit of interest and shine to the item, and a laser etched image of a black capped chickadee rests on the front of the box to complete the look. This birdhouse comes with a hanger, but also can be mounted  to a post or tree. Provide a welcome home for backyard birds with the Woodlink Coppertop Chickadee and Wren House.

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 7.5"W x 11"H; entrance hole 1-1/8"