Never Melt Suet Insect Cake 6 Pack

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Won't melt - ideal for warm weather!

Feed our Never Melt Suet year-round. Fresh, never melt nutrition for your local wild birds. Five delectable, energy-boosting suet formulas with essential seeds, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. Fits all standard suet feeders with no melting or mess!

No melt, no mess suet formula means you can feed your cling-feeding wild birds year-round. Stays fresh and firm, even in hot sunny weather. Each suet cake contains a delicious blend of seeds, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. Packed with nutrition and a great source of energy, suet cakes fit all standard suet feeders. Made in the USA!

Available in five varieties to suit the tastes of your local birds. Orange, Peanut, Hot Pepper, Insect, or Berry.

Each cake is 13 oz and measure 5" x 5" x 1"

13 oz./cake  6 cakes/pack

Made in the USA