Canadian Nightcrawler 500 Count Bulk Flat

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Canadian Nightcrawler- Lumbricus terrestris

Our nightcrawlers are BIG, healthy Canadian natives!

Nothing beats Canadian Nightcrawlers "Dew Worm" as a live  bait. They are fat and juicy and ready for you to use as bait or as food for reptiles, aquarium or pond fish. Turtles love Canadian Nightcrawlers! Canadian Nightcrawlers are approximately 7-8" or more in length. Keep refrigerated for prolonged life. 

Our premium Canadian Nightcrawlers can be purchased in bulk flats! There are approximately 480-500 worms per flat. This is a great value for someone wanting to purchase a large quantity of nightcrawlers. 

Our Canadian Nightcrawler Bulk Flats are shipped overnight in a limited amount of our special bedding to help hold down the weight in shipping.  When you receive a shipment you will want to transfer the worms to your own cups or containers and add some fresh bedding. Some good garden compost will do just fine. We ship the worms in bedding that is on the dry side, so please add water to moisten the bedding right away, if needed.

Why buy bait worms from Fiddle Creek Farm?

We believe that you should demand more from your bait worm supplier.  Here are some of the reasons that set Fiddle Creek Farms bait worms apart from the crowd: 

Fast Overnight Shipping - All orders shipped overnight to assure the delivery of your Canadian Nightcrawlers in optimum condition. Overnight Shipping $59.95 for one bulk flat. Orders cannot be cancelled  Note: Bulk flats ship heavy due to the weight of the worms, bedding, cooler and ice packs. Overnight shipping rate for bulk flats vary depending on quantities of flats and destination zone. Additional shipping charges may apply.

ATTENTION ANGLERS!!  Save $$ buying Canadian Nightcrawlers by the flat! Even with the higher overnight shipping cost this calculates out to approximately $3.55 per 12ct cup. The flats are great for groups of anglers looking for a deal on a large quantity of premium Canadian Nightcrawlers shipped right to your door. We supply the worms packed in limited bedding, you supply the cups/containers or purchase our small or large styrofoam bait boxes (available at checkout). Styrofoam bait boxes shipped separately via ground service.

100% Satisfaction/Health Guarantee on Delivery - We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the product you receive.  However, if there is a problem with your order upon delivery, simply contact us for a replacement.  Read our Live Guarantee Policy 

Same Day Shipping till 2pm EST - Order by 2pm EST, and we will ship your order out that same day (Monday - Thursday only).  Our central location in the heart of the country allows us to provide high quality and flexible customer service to all U.S. locations.

Our bait worm products are tested for nutritional value to assist the customer in providing a diverse and healthy diet. The nutritional make up of a Nightcrawler is approximately 83.6% moisture, 11.7% protein, 1.5% fat, 1.2% ash and 2.0% other. 


Best Bait Worms...Sure, some folks go fishing with a tackle box full of lures, jigs, and spinner baits, but nothing makes fish bite like a big, juicy worm...the lifelike action is built right in!

Canadian Nightcrawlers make a great staple food or treat for herps, turtles, amphibians, aquarium and pond fish too!