Cypress Joy Box For Wood Ducks

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Simply Beautiful and Beautifully Simple Wood Duck Nesting Boxes!

Why get complicated? Season after season, this delightful Wood Duck nesting box is a joy to behold and a breeze to maintain thanks to an easy twist latch and slide front panel that also inverts for winter roosting. So easy to use, so easy to love, it turns birding into child's play! Rugged construction features 13/16" solid cypress and headed ring shank stainless steel nails. Sized perfectly for Wood Ducks. Handcrafted in the USA!

Dimensions: 11" x 12" x 24-1/2"; 4" entrance hole; Weight: 20 lbs.

Build a Wood Duck Nest Box Trail!  Save $$ when you purchase multiple nest boxes.  Discount given at checkout.

Note: Ships dimensionally oversized. Additional shipping charges will apply. Rates will depend on pack size and destination zone.

Made in the USA 

Wood Duck click image to learn more

CLICK HERE to learn more about Wood Ducks and Wood Duck houses.

Watch wood ducks nesting!

Mount our Hawk Eye Nature Video Camera inside your duck house - connect the nature cam to your television or computer and see what that Wood Duck does during those long weeks as she sits on her eggs. Listen too. The Hawk Eye’s sensitive microphone brings all the sounds of nature right into your television. CLICK HERE to learn more!

See the Hawk Eye in Action!!

Click Here to watch video!  

Save $$ on the Hawk Eye Nature Camera when purchased with this nestbox! (available at checkout). 

Note: Camera shipped separately. Additional shipping charges will apply.