Coates SREH 16-Room Purple Martin House Kit

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#SR16 Assembled (Optional):

Telescoping Pole (Optional):

Predator Guard (Optional):

PM House Cleaner (Optional):

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All aluminum and stainless steel, preferred by colonizing Purple Martins!

The starling resistance entrance holes (SREH) are new this year. This crescent shape design allows easy access to the martins, but keeps starlings out. This house and these types of doors are recommended to landlords that may have a problem with starlings. Made in the USA

4 Floors/16-Room/Crescent Holes (Assembly Required)

Dimensions: 19"W x 14"L x 26"H (when assembled)

Have this Purple Martin House shipped to you fully assembled!

The Coates Purple Martin House Kit comes with easy to follow instructions; however, we would be happy to ship your Martin House fully assembled, if you wish.  Simply select the "Assembled" option when you checkout your order. 

Note: This item ships dimensionally oversized when assembled. Additional shipping charges may apply depending on destination zone.

Have us ship you a fully assembled Coates multi-unit aluminum Purple Martin House, or install one on your premises today and enjoy the peace and serenity that this marvelous bird offers.

Eliminate insects without pesticides. Some studies show that a Purple Martin eats up to 2,000 pesky insects a day.

Your Coates Purple Martin House will be a symbol of your dedication to support the enviornment as well as a centerpiece for your landscape.

Made in the USA

About Aluminum Purple Martin Houses

Did you know... Aluminum houses seem to be best suited for the Purple Martin. They are lightweight; do not harbor parasites, easy to clean, and cooler, if properly ventilated.

The purple martin is America's most desirable backyard bird. Homeowners enjoy purple martins for their beauty of flight, social behavior, pleasant chirp, and insect eating ability. Purple martins are totally dependent on humans for housing and are very friendly to humans.

House Features (click links)


Optional Telescoping Pole (available at checkout)

#PMHD12 is made of heavier, 16 gauge galvanized steel and is recommended for the 4-story houses. Galvanized steel, fully extends to 12 ft., base section is 2.197" diameter, includes ground socket. Pole sections secured with thumb screws. Use with any size martin house. Pole hardware included. (14.5' before installation)

Coates Predator Guard Kit for 12 room House. These owl guards are a very effective way to protect martins from unwanted predators. The guard rods attach easily and pop off from their clamps to allow landlords access for monitoring. The predator guard kit may be installed to prevent predation by flying predators such as owls and hawks. This kit includes 12 aluminum guard rails that are vertically positioned, guarding the entrance holes of each compartment. 

This kit fits all three Coates lines of martin mansions, the "Original", the "SREH", and the "WatersEdge". (Available at checkout)

Purple Martin House Cleaner. Tired of having a dirty Martin house? We developed an answer. Have it looking new in no time at all. Bring back the shine!

A special formulated cleaner for your aluminum houses. The cleaner has been in developement for quite some time. It is simple to use...Spray the cleaner inside the house and let it sit for a few minutes. Agitate with a scrub brush and then rinse out with a water hose.

1 Quart (32 oz) should last for several seasons.

We recommend using this cleaner after the birds have left for the season or a few weeks before they return. (Available at checkout)