Timbuktu Mealworms Six-Pak 2500 Count Can

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They’re juicy (like canned peaches) and bluebirds love ‘em!

Birdwatcher’s Choice Canned Mealworms from Timbuktu are the easy alternative to feeding live insects. Soft and moist, wild birds readily accept them as they would live mealworms. Unlike freeze-dried or roasted worms, their unique packaging process locks in natural juices and nutrients just like live mealworms, so birds receive the full nutrient content. Simply place Birdwatcher's Choice Mealworms anywhere you'd like to observe wild birds. They can be placed in a bowl, feeder, or even left in the can. Great for folks who simply won’t keep live mealworms at home!  

Each unopened can has a 12 month shelf-life!  Once can is opened can remain fresh in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

Ingredients: Whole farm-raised mealworms. 3/4" long; 6 Cans/Pak, 2,500 count/can (15000 total count/Six-Pak).

Guaranteed analysis:
-- Crude protein, min 17.0%
-- Crude Fat, min 5.0%
-- Crude fiber, max 1.0%
-- Crude Ash, max 3.0%
-- Moisture content 70%

Reptiles and Fish love these too!

Package contains six 2500 count cans.  That's 15000 Mealworms!