Squirrel Stopper Deluxe Bird Feeder Station

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Complete Bird Feeder Post Assembly  

Stop feeding the squirrels!

With Squirrel Stopper™ you can feed the birds, without feeding the squirrels! No more free lunch!  

Assembles in minutes without tools! Includes attachable auger to allow for easy installation in any type of ground. (See Pictures Below) 

Accommodates any style hanging bird feeder! (bird feeders not included) 

Available in Black or Bronze finish with decorative Cardinal design attached to top. 

Durable steel construction  -  Rust resistant

Squirrel Stopper™ is a made with 16 Gauge powder-coated steel tubes. 

The inverted cone shape of the Squirrel Stopper™ shroud is virtually impossible for critters to grip onto, and spring-torsion technology allows the shroud to simultaneously move up and down, plus side to side.

When installed, measures approximately 7 feet high (just below decorative topper) when sunk 30" into the ground. 

When properly installed, bird feeders should hang between 5' and 6' off the ground. 

Squirrels just cannot get past the Squirrel Stopper!

Squirrel Stopper Assembles in Minutes Without Tools!

1. Set auger onto ground and screw
lower section into ground.

2. Set middle section with Squirrel
Stopper™ shroud onto lower section.

3. Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes
in top section.

4. Set top section onto middle section.

Hang your bird feeders and start feeding
ONLY the birds!

Box dimensions: 9.5" x 10" x 42.5" (This items ships dimensionally oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone). Shipping weight: 21 lbs.  Bird feeders not included.