Rubicon Recycled Ground Platform Bird Feeder

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For Ground Feeding Birds!

Rubicon International manufactures high quality, environmentally friendly eco-birding products featuring PVC and polylumber. Polylumber is a state-of-the-art product consisting of post-consumer bottle waste such as milk jugs. Unlike wood, it doesn't fade, crack, split, chip or rot. Partnering polylumber with PVC, Rubicon creates innovative, yet traditional, designs in a variety of colors. All products carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee, even on squirrel damage! Proudly made in the uSA!

Ground Platform Features:

  • Environmentally safe, this ground platform feeder is great for ground feeding birds such as Mourning Doves and Juncos.
  • Unconditional  guarantee from manufacturer, even from squirrel damage.
  • Made from PVC and polylumber. Made from recycled milk jugs and will not crack, split, or rot.
  • Heat bonded for strength.
  • Highest quality recycled plastics for uniformity in texture and color.
  • Easily cleaned -- simply scrub down with a bleach solution.
  • Has powdercoated steel screens for great drainage.
  • This feeder contains 32 recycled milk jugs.
  • Available in Green 
Dimensions: 15"D x 18"W x 9"H (3" Tray Depth, 6" Clearance from ground to bottom of tray); Weight: 8 lbs.