20" EZ Deck Heated Bird Bath with Lock-N-Dry Cord

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Heated 20" Bird Bath with EZ-Tilt-To-Clean Deck Mount!

Care for the birds you love with this year-round heated bird bath!

Includes your choice of 25 ft. or 50 ft. LOCK-N-DRY Outdoor Power Supply Extension Cord! (Select at checkout)

The 20" EZ Deck Tilt & Clean Heated Bird Bath is loaded with features that will bring birds into your backyard birding sanctuary during any time of year. The textured surface and contoured rim ensure a solid grip when birds land and the gradual slope encourages birds to bathe.

This Heated Bird Bath supplies ice-free water all winter long using 150 watts of thermostatically controlled power. The heating element is completely hidden beneath the surface of the bath where it automatically cycles the water temperature between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Fully tested in sub-zero conditions, this bath will not crack in the winter cold. Mount this bird bath to a 2"x4" rail or 2"x6" rail. The included EZ-tilt-to-clean deck mounting hardware makes cleaning this bird bath simple and convenient. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bath up for cleaning or draining. This beige colored bird bath will surely add to any patio or deck. Made in the USA.


  • Designed to keep water ice-free all winter long, and has been tested in -20 degree conditions.
  • The unit is thermostatically controlled. 
  • Power cord stores away for summer use.
  • Includes 25 ft. or 50 ft. Lock-N-Dry Outdoor Power Supply Extension Cord (see details below)
  • Using the unique EZ-Tilt-To-Clean hardware included, the Bath is easily mounted to a wooden deck rail.
  • Unique design easily tilts and lifts for cleaning or storing of the bath. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning and draining, or lift straight up to remove the bowl completely.
  • Made in the USA

Made in the USA 

Basin Dimensions: 19" dia. x 1.75"D
Overall Dimensions: 20" dia. x 4.25"D, 15" power cord

3 year manufacturer's guarantee

LOCK-N-DRY Outdoor Power Supply Extension Cord

Safely connect outdoor heated accessories in rain or snow!
LOCKNDRY Outdoor Power Supply Extension Cord - 16 gauge, 25 ft. or 50 ft. long (Select at checkout). The revolutionary LOCKNDRY is the only detachable power supply cord approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use with heated buckets, heated pet bowls, heated bird baths, deicers, etc. Provides a water-resistant seal while keeping the connection firmly secured. the specially designed plug on the LOCKNDRY cord fits any standard outlet, but when mated with the LOCKNDRY compatible power cord, the large black nut pulls the plug tight against the gasket to form a water-resistant seal. The red nut the locks everything in place and prevents cord separation. The LOCKNDRY is great as an all-purpose extension cord too! Made in the USA!