Bird-B-Gone Transparent Bird Gel 10 oz.

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Category : Scarecrow Devices
Category : Predator Repellents, Predator Deterrents


Prevents birds from landing on horizontal surfaces!

Creates a sticky surface that birds can't stand!

Applies easily with a caulking gun!

Transparent bird gel is a sticky repellent used to prevent birds from landing on horizontal surfaces. Bird Gel is applied to areas where birds are landing; birds will not like the sticky sensation on their feet and will move on to a more comfortable spot. Made in the USA!


♦ Creates a Sticky Surface that birds cant stand!
♦ Economical & Effective
♦ Applies easily with a caulking gun (not included)
♦ Effective at wide temperature extremes: 15 deg. F to 200 deg. F.
♦ Virtually Invisible!
♦ Super Fast & Easy to Install
♦ One tube covers 10' (120'/case)
♦ Lasts up to 6 months outdoors!

Transparent Bird Gel can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces where birds are landing. Bird Gel should never be used on a vertical surface. 

♦ Ledges
♦ I-beams
♦ Parapet Walls
♦ Signs
♦ Conduit
♦ Pipes

Effective For:

Transparent Bird Gel is effective for small and large pest birds. (Bird Gel should not be used for protected bird species)

♦ Pigeons
♦ Starlings

Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 11.5"

Made in the USA

Save $$ when you but two or more tubes of Transparent Bird Gel! Discount given at checkout.

Transparent Bird gel 10 oz. Tube