CareFree Birdbath Protector 4 oz. Tri-Pack

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Safe, effective, eco-friendly bird bath protector!
BirdBath Protector: What is it and how does it work?
Contains natural enzymes, which safely break down organic contaminate. A food-grade enzyme, non-toxic, biodegradable, bacteria free and 100% environmentally friendly. Safe for birds and wildlife when used as directed.

CareFree Birdbath Protector
The photo above shows two birdbaths that started out clean. The birdbath on the left stayed clean and clear by adding one capful of CareFree BirdBath Protector to the water each week. The birdbath on the right is typical of no treatment. The results are water mold and mineral deposit buildup. If you were a bird, which birdbath would you use?
BirdBath Protector prevents;
water mold, stains, organic contaminates and mineral deposits from forming, making clean up a simple task, no more scrubbing. Just wipe debris away. Add clean water as needed due to evaporation. The results are clear; a cleaner and healthier birdbath. Birds will LOVE IT!!
Always start with a clean birdbath. Add One (1) capful of BirdBath Protector to water and mix thoroughly. Dirty birdbaths can also benefit from CareFree BirdBath Protector. CareFree will begin to safely break down organic contaminates and loosen mineral deposits. For best results, start with a clean birdbath. CareFree is not a chemical, but natural enzymes which need time to work properly.
BirdBath Protector: Designed for BirdBath use only
Tri-Pack contains three 4 oz bottles of CareFree Birdbath Protector


Made in the USA

Eco-Friendly Bird Bath Protector