Songbird Butterfly Feeder & 5oz Nectar Combo

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Designed and tested by biologists!

Songbird Butterfly Feeder and 5 Ounce Butterfly Nectar

The perfect combination for attracting colorful butterflies to your garden landscape!

The Songbird Butterfly Feeder attracts and feeds numerous species of butterflies. Nectar ports resemble red flowers. Butterflies use their tongues to sip nectar. Easy to assemble fill and clean. Holds 6 ounces of nectar and has accommodations for fruit.

This sturdy butterfly feeder is made of high-impact polycarbonate casing and is leak and bee proof. Place this feeder near your garden or by a window and watch the action as these magnificent flyers feed and bring joy to young and old alike. Designed for years and years of use. Hang, pole mount, or set on any flat surface. Made in the USA!

Butterfly Feeder Dimensions: 7.50" x 3.00" x 6.25"

Songbird Butterfly Nectar

Songbird Butterfly Nectar - Each 5oz package makes 3.25 quarts of nectar!

Combo set contains one 5 ounce package of Songbird Butterfly Nectar. Each 5 ounce packages makes 3.25 quarts of butterfly nectar. Butterfly nectar also sold separately.