Big Mouth Bass Cohasset Carved Bell

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Cohasset Bells create an elegant backyard experience!

A recent addition to our bamboo wind chime collection the Big Mouth Bass Cohasset Bell is made by the same artists in Bali that make our bamboo wind chimes. It is carved from fast growing coconut wood and then hand painted. The driftwood is collected by village fishermen. The perfect combination of driftwood and beads are arranged together on heavy nylon cord to make this a unique work of art. The final touch is the specially made bell that hangs from bottom cord.

Perfect for indoors or out. Occasional application of any clear spray finish will enhance longevity. 

These bells are made from the highest quality renewable and sustainable materials. Calming bells are the perfect backyard decoration to give as a gift.

Dimensions: 40"H x 16"W x 40"L

Please note: All of the Cohasset Bells are individually handmade. Each one is unique and may differ slighly from pictured item.