Audubon Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder

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BirdBerry Jelly (Optional):

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An elegant design that's truly unique!

Add style and attract orioles to your garden!

This dynamic oriole feeder brings an elegant look to any setting. A large umbrella-shaped roof covers this feeder, with four rods that gently curve downward supporting the item. Each rod curves at the bottom for a gentle look. Two of the rods support included glass vessels, which can easily hold jelly or nectar for orioles. Each of the other two rods has a small skewer near the base, and is designed to accommodate half an orange, for generous feeding variety. Use the attached cable to hang this unit from a hook. The brushed copper color on the metal adds a timeless and elegant effect. Offer orioles and other birds their favorite foods in a bold and stylish way with this attractive Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder.

Birds that use this feeder may include bluebirds, flickers, grosbeaks, jays, mockingbirds, orioles, robins, starlings, thrushes, waxwings, woodpeckers, and wrens.

Feeding Options: fruit, jelly, nectar

Capacity: 2 pieces of fruit, 4 oz. nectar or jelly

Dimensions: 10.125" dia. x 12.5"H

Made in the USA  


BirdBerry Jelly! (Available at checkout)


BirdBerry Jelly 20 Ounce Squeezable Bottle 6/Pack

It's SO good - You'll want to have "Breakfast with the birds!" 

BirdBerry Jelly is a human grade product that emphasizes quality. This is an all natural product with no preservatives. BirdBerry Jelly has no sweeteners and has low sugar levels which is better for birds. The unique grape & blackberry flavor attracts orioles and other birds and keeps them wanting this product "with its unique flavor".

Durable and functional 20.5 ounce squeezable jar makes refilling feeders fast and easy with no mess or waste!

BirdBerry is made of grape juice, concorde grapes, blackberries and pure all natural granular sugar. Compare to normal grocery store labels and you'll see that BirdBerry is higher in quality - that's better for the birds. Made in the USA. 

Try BirdBerry Jelly and enjoy the show!

Six 20.5 ounce BirdBerry Squeezable Bottles/Pack (123 Ounces Total)