Conservation Birder's Dozen Eastern Bluebird Boxes

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Slate Guards (Optional):

Blowfly Screens (Optional):

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Build a Bluebird Trail!

This pack of twelve Eastern Bluebird Houses is now available for a special price! Same functionality as our standard Conservation Eastern Bluebird House, but a "no frills" variety without the pretty features that don't impress the birds. For those who want to put up an extensive bluebird trail at a reasonable price. Dimensions are 12-1/2"h x 6"w x 8"d with a 1-1/2" entrance hole.. Wood squirrel guard included. Optional Slate Squirrel Guard Hole Protector available for added protection. Optional Blowfly Inhibitor Screens available. Quality Eastern White Pine construction. NABS (North American Bluebird Society) Approved. Made in the USA!

Save $$ when you buy twelve Eastern Bluebird Houses!

RANGE: Breeds east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to Gulf of Mexico. Winters in southern part of breeding range and Mexico.

HABITAT: Enjoys open woodlands, fields and farmlands with scattered trees.

Optional Slate Guards Available!  (Select at checkout) 

Keep squirrels from enlarging the entry on your bird house with the Conservation Slate Hole Protector. Placing this plate around the 1.5" diameter entrance hole on your existing bird house creates a strong, lasting barrier. The natural slate construction is difficult to break, and will easily deter squirrels and woodpeckers from altering your bird house. A predrilled hole in each corner allows you to attach the item to your wooden house in moments with the included screws. Its gray color will match virtually any home, and the slate construction adds lasting protection. Offer your backyard birds a safe roost with help from this Slate Hole Protector.  

Optional Blowfly Inhibitor Screens Available!
(Select at chekout)

Prevent blowfly larvae from harming nestlings in your bird homes using the Conservation Blowfly Inhibitor Screen for Bird Houses. Blowflies often lay their eggs in nests inside bird homes, and the larvae feed on the nestlings to gain strength. This mesh screen forms a platform in the bottom of your nest box, elevating the nest off the floor. This aids in keeping the nest dry, as blowflies tend to prefer damp areas. The 0.25" mesh also is small enough so that adult blowflies cannot reach the nest through the bottom of the home, and it allows the larvae to fall through the grid so you may easily remove them from the nest. The sturdy metal construction will easily withstand the weight of a cavity-nesting bird family, and its size is perfect for use in many bluebird, woodpecker, or swallow houses. The sides may also be bent downward more to fit inside smaller nest boxes. Keep blowflies away from nestlings using this Blowfly Inhibitor Screen for Bird Houses.