Audubon Classic Oriole Feeder 12 oz

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Attract Orioles Three Ways!

This unique Audubon oriole feeder features three ways to feed orioles. First, you can fill the base with 12 oz. of oriole nectar and let orioles feed from the 4 feeding stations. Second, fill the 4 jelly feeding stations with jelly. Third, spear an orange half on the hanging rod to offer fresh fruit as well. A featured ant moat is built into the center to hold water and keep those pesky little sugar lovers from clogging up the works. This oriole feeder is completely dishwasher safe.

The ideal feeder for all kinds of Orioles in any part of the country where you live. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 9"L x 8.35"W x 2"H

Made in the USA