Lake & Cabin Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder

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Helps keep squirrels occupied and away from your bird feeder!

Red Adirondack Chair Squirrel Distractor!

Use ear corn or sweet corn logs!

Lake and Cabin Collections inspired by the Great Outdoors! This Adirondack chair squirrel feeder in vivid classic red is as functional as it is entertaining! Squirrel feeders provide easy access to food for squirrels and keeps them away from other feeders in the yard. 1-1/2 inch long screw securely holds an ear and the open design makes it easy to remove old cob. Made from clear-coated cedar, which resists insects, decay and weather so your feeder lasts longer. The Lake & Cabin Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder comes completely assembled, and it easily mounts to a tree, fence, or wherever you choose.


* Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder, holds 1 ear of corn
* Distract squirrels from your bird feeders with their own treat
* Skewer an ear of corn or sweet corn log, held firmly in place while squirrels feed
* Easy to clean & fill for year-round use
* Made from clear-coated cedar

Dimensions: 6.4" x 8.2" x 9.5"