EZ Nectar RTU Hummingbird Nectar 11 oz. 6-Pack

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EZ on your time, EZ on your conscience... For more happy hummers!

EZNectar™ is 100% All-Natural! 

Always Preservative-free, Dye-free, Electrolyte-free, and Acid-free!

Being a hummingbird enthusiast just got EASY…and HEALTHIER for the birds!  EZNectar™, proudly made in America, is “All-Natural” and specially formulated to keep hummingbirds healthy, and their wings flapping at top speeds.
EZNectar™ ready-to-use hummingbird all-natural nectar – a unique blend of water and sugar only. This means it contains NO Dyes, NO Preservatives and NO electrolytes. Sometimes preservatives are called electrolytes.   
EZNectar™ is ultra-convenient, ready-to-use, with no mixing, no cleaning, and no mess -- all the while providing the hummingbirds a preferred, all-natural, dye-free and preservative-free product which the birds prefer (demonstrated in our in-house testing).
Available in a convenient 11 ounce "One-Shot" package. When ready to use, open the convenient flip-top lid, tear off the foil top to break the seal, and pour into your existing glass or plastic hummingbird feeder. We recommend that you refrigerate after opening.   
You’re now ready to watch and enjoy the hummingbirds come to you. It’s that EZ! 

Six 11 ounce Bottles/Pack

2.3" x 2.3" x 5.6"; Weight: 1 lb./bottle

Made in the USA