Bat Magic Repellent 8/Pack

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Category : Predator Repellents, Predator Deterrents


Watch’em disappear!

Safe for use around children and pets!

All natural ingredients - Lasts for weeks!

Rid your house and outbuildings of bats safely and without harm. Fast acting repellent lasts for up to 30 days. Drives bats from attics, blinds, wall voids, chimneys, and other confined spaces they like to hide in. Safe formula will not harm these beneficial animals but will make them relocate. Contains natural essential peppermint and spearmint oils. Problem specific control for pesky bats wherever you don't want them to live. Packaged in convenient simple to use `place packs`. Made in the USA!

8 Ready To Use Place Packs

Dimensions: 4.25" x 1.75" x 7"  

Made in the USA