Hummingbird Plant Stick Feeder Set of 2

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Create a colorful hummingbird oasis around your plants and flowers!

Plant a garden of nectar feeders for a yard alive with gorgeous hummingbirds. Our Hummingbird Plant Stick Feeder features a powdercoated black steel stake that allows easy placement in gardens, flower pots, containers or anywhere hummingbirds like to visit. To attract hummingbirds, fill the feeder with quality hummingbird nectar. Holds 3 ounces of nectar. Made in the USA!

Remove bright red nectar lid from the clear feeding cup for easy cleanup or to serve food items other than nectar to attract different wild bird species. Serve Oriole Jelly in the feeding cup to attract orioles and other fruit-loving birds. Add Live Mealworms to the feeding cup for visits from bluebirds and other insect-eating wild birds. 


* Decorative feeder for potted plants or garden landscape
* Great plant stick for any planter
* Hummingbird cup set is great for nectar
* Enjoyed by the hummingbirds and yourself
* Made in the USA

Set of 2 Hummingbird Plant Stick Feeders

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 13"

Made in the USA